The Fellowship of the Least Coin challenges us to act for Justice, Peace and Creation!  Since 1956, Christian women on all continents have responded to the call of the Founder of the Fellowship of the Least Coin, Shanti Solomon, to pray for reconciliation in the home, the community, the nation, and the world, and to work for peace with justice.
    The "least coin" of each country is set aside as the token of each prayer prayed and is sent to a common fund where the identity of the donor is lost and the oneness of women intheir common quest for peace is symbolized.

The Fellowship of the Least Coin calls you to:

pray regularly for people in every part of the world

become an instrument of reconciliation in your family, your neighborhood,
        in action which brings people of different races and nations more nearly in harmony

set aside a least coin for each prayer of reconciliation prayed as a token of participation